What is it
drives us to write?
To put words
on paper.

What is it
pushes me
to let myself become

I must write.

Planting seeds in the garden,
I must write.

Stirring a sauce for dinner,
I must write.

over bridges,
words move around in my head,
to be let out
and come together
on paper.

I design, write, and edit books.
And I love words.

Published books:

Designer and co-author, Creative Serging for the Home and Other Quick Decorating Ideas
winner of national 1991 Profitable Craft Merchandising award “Best Sewing Book”  

Designer and co-author, Instant Interiors series, winner, Mid Oregon Ad Club book award, 1982
Designer and co-editor, The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner
Designer and co-editor, Couture, the Art of Fine Sewing, 1993 PCM finalist “Best Sewing Book.” 
Designer and co-editor, Dream Sewing Spaces, 1996 PCM finalist, Best Home Decorating Book
Designer and co-editor, Looking Good, 1996 PCM finalist, Best Sewing Book
Designer and editor, Elusive Wisdom
Designer and editor, The Wisdom of Rain

Designer and editor, My First Sewing Book series, winner, Hobby Industries of America
1994 Product Innovation Award, 1992 PCM finalist “Best Sewing Book”                    
   My First Sewing Book
   My First Embroidery Book
   My First Doll Book
   My First Machine Sewing Book
   My First Patchwork Book
   My First Quilt Book

Designer & co-editor, The BUSINE$$ of Teaching Sewing
Designer & co-editor, Fit for Real People
Designer & co-editor, Bridal Gowns
Designer, Simply Wine
Designer, Smart Packing for Today’s Traveler
Designer & co-editor, Wilderness Collections
Designer, Théâtre de la Mode                     

...plus designer of 11 additional titles

Creative writing
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